Sustainable Strategies - Louvers and Sun Shading Part 4

One of the most expensive building costs is the mechanical system used for heating and cooling the building. This applies to the cost of the system itself along with the cost of running and maintaining it. One way to lessen these costs is by using smart design and incorporating low tech louver systems to help regulate the amount of heat gain in the summer and take advantage of the sun in the winter. Here, in part 4 of the series you'll learn about different ways to achieve these results.


Sustainable Strategies - Louvers + Sun Shading Part 3

In Part 3 of the sustainable strategies - louvers and sun shading series, we talk about the 3 main types of louvers/sun shading devices. Here I also talk about many reasons why you would want to control the lighting in your building that you may not have considered. We look at existing examples of buildings that use these louver solutions to control the light in their buildings using low tech, well-thought-out design!


Sustainable Strategies - Louvers and Sun Shading Part 2

In this video we dig a little deeper into the sun diagram, identifying different effects that lighting can have on your building based on its orientation to the sun. Here we talk about the types of shading you should use based on the direction the sun is coming from.


Sustainable Strategies - Louvers + Sun Shading Part 1

Sun shading is a crucial aspect of architecture and design. This is the first video of a 4 part series teaching about the techniques for providing shading for your building!

As architects, we have a responsibility to design sustainable buildings. We need to design based on a building's location, orientation, climate, etc. Looking back to traditional, vernacular architecture, is one of the best ways to see low tech ways to accommodate for different conditions.

In this video we look at sun diagrams and talk about building orientation and sun direction. Watch to learn about shading your buildings!