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What's a Drafting Brush?

by Chelsea Weibust

Updated 12/05/2018

What’s a Drafting Brush?

Who doesn't need a tool to wipe the crumbs off their desk?

When I first started hand drafting I always used my hand to wipe away eraser bits and pencil shavings. I would get so frustrated when the heat from my hand would attract the graphite on the page and spread it all across my drawings! I thought, there has to be a better way! 

Soon I came across this tool called a drafting brush. It would glide gently across my drawings, cleaning away all the eraser bits, excess graphite, and heck, even the crumbs scattered across my drawings from eating at my desk! A drafting brush is such a simple tool but an essential one to keep your drawings clean and crisp.


The drafting brush I use: Westcott/C-Thru*

What's an Eraser Shield

Updated 12/05/18

What’s an Eraser Shield?

Have you ever tried to erase a part of your drawing and end up erasing too much or smudging it with your hand?

I've had that happen so many times!

Then I discovered the eraser shield which changed my life. It's literally a stainless steel shield with voided forms that guides your eraser as you erase. It's amazing! Watch below to see how it works.


Eraser shield I use: Westcott/C-Thru

What's an Eraser Pen

Who knew you didn't have to take an Xacto to your erasers to erase with precision!?

Having the right tool for the job is key for productivity. Improvising can work well at times but I've found that improvising can take up valuable time and can lead to unsatisfactory results.

When I was in my earlier years in school I used to use an Xacto or Olfa knife to sharpen my erasers when there was a small area that needed to be fixed or erased. Once I found the eraser pen though, it saved me tons of time and I could see a noticeable difference in the quality of my erasing which is important on final drawings! Watch below to see the eraser pen in action.


Eraser pen I use: Staedtler*

What's a Kneaded Eraser

Who knew there were so many different types of erasers!?

It's vital to know the purpose of different tools and how to use them in different way so you can be more productive. Using the right tool can be the difference between having a great project and potentially having to start a rendering over.

Watch to see what a kneaded eraser is and how to use it.


Kneaded eraser I use: Prismacolor*

What's a Lead Pointer

If you haven't seen last weeks post/video about lead holders, go check that out first!

This week we're talking all about lead pointers - what they are and how to use them. Check out the video to see more!


Here is the lead pointer I use: Alvin Rotary*

What's a Lead Holder?

When I was first starting out in architecture I knew close to nothing about what supplies I needed, how to use them, or where to get them. I want to save you the trouble and stress of not knowing these things. This is the first video of a new series called "What's This Thing?" where I will introduce different architecture studio supplies, and terminology and explain what they are and how to use them. In this video we look at a lead holder and lead refills.


Here are the lead holders I use: Kohinoor* and Prismacolor Turquoise*

Here are the lead refills that I use: Prismacolor Turquoise