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If you hadn't noticed, there are no advertisements on this website. I would never want to compromise the quality of my work or hinder your ability to learn with the nuisance of popups or distracting ads. This decision I've made to reject ads, however means that I don't get compensated for the work I do to guide you through your journey.


If you care to support my work, there are a variety of ways to do so




Donate: If you have found value in my videos, blogs, tutorials, or other content I have provided, you can contribute monetarily to my work so I can continue providing even more content at higher quality. Right now I am working on creating online courses for Revit and Sketchup, which you can help push forward with your donation!

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Amazon: You can use my affiliate link while doing your Amazon shopping. Using my link will not cost you anything extra but I will get a small referrer fee.

Things that I need like yesterday I tend to buy from Amazon since I get free 2 day shipping with Prime and they have a lot of items you can’t get anywhere else. I bought most of my school books off Amazon, usually secondhand, which saved me a ton of money! Also students can get 6 months free Amazon Prime!



Utrecht: If you use my Utrecht Art Supplies affiliate link to buy your architecture supplies and art materials I will receive a small percentage of whatever you buy as a referrer fee at no extra cost to you.

Utrecht is where I bought almost all of my architecture supplies and modeling materials when I was in school. I love knowing that I’m getting quality supplies when I shop at Utrecht and that they have physical stores where I can bring something back if there’s a problem.



Adobe: If you use my Adobe affiliate link to purchase or subscribe to Adobe products I will receive a small percentage as a referrer fee at no extra cost to you. If you are a student or teacher, Adobe offers a generous teacher and student discount that I was lucky to take advantage of while still in school.

I use Adobe CC every day from creating renderings, to editing photos, to creating design packages, to making diagrams, to editing videos, and so much more. It’s such a valuable tool that I couldn’t live without.



Freshbooks: If you use my affiliate link to subscribe to Freshbooks Cloud Accounting software, I will receive a small percentage as a referrer fee at no extra cost to you.

Accounting software literally changed my life a few months after I first started freelancing. I’ve written a blog post about why I started using Freshbooks and how it’s saved me hours of time and money every month. If you’re a freelancer or small business owner, you may want to give Freshbooks a try. You can try before you buy for free for 30 days. I highly recommend their service because I absolutely love it! Subscribing to their service through my links won’t cost you anything extra and will help support my work; it’s a win-win!



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