Architecture Software Tutorials


Welcome to The Student Architect Tutorials page. Here you'll find a variety of quick software tutorials to help you learn how to use a range of software in a number of different applications. This is an ongoing project so be sure to check back weekly for new tutorials!

If you'd like to see the classes I teach, head on over to my Classes page where you'll find a variety of online courses to help you improve your skills in a variety of architecture and design programs.

ARE Prep Tutorials


How to Solve the ARE 4.0 Construction Documents + Services Building Section Vignette

I've heard so many people express their difficulties with NCARB's vignette software so I decided to film my process in solving the building section vignette. If you're looking for something more like a step-by-step tutorial of how to use the software, interpret the program, and draw the building section, consider signing up for my class on How to Master the Construction Documents + Services Vignette which opens on April 1st.

Revit Tutorials


Revit Shortcuts

Using shortcuts while working in any program is crucial to working faster and being more productive. While working I use a variety of different shortcuts but in this video I'll show you 22 of my favorite Revit shortcuts, how to use them, and give tips on when to use them. You can find a PDF of these shortcuts, along with a few extra for easy reference on the Guides page.


Topography from Sketchup to Revit in Under 5 Minutes

Whether you're an architecture student or a professional waiting for survey information, using Sketchup topography is a great way to begin looking at the slope of the site for your project. While it's not perfect and should never be relied on for an actual project, it can be a very useful tool to get an idea of how the site works. While Sketchup is a useful program, most designers prefer to work in Revit, so here's a video tutorial for how to import topography from Sketchup into Revit.


How to Create Your Own Custom Revit Shortcuts

Revit has a number of preset shortcuts built into the program but they're actually all modifiable. That means you can change or erase existing shortcuts, create new shortcuts, and you can even export and import shortcuts to establish office standards or just to make it easier to work across multiple computers.


How to Cut Through a 3D Model in Revit

Sometimes while working with very large or complex projects, it can be really difficult to fully understand what's going on in 3 dimensions. While plans and sections are useful, looking at the model in 3 dimensions is invaluable to understanding the relationship between different elements in the model. To achieve this, Revit has a feature to all you to cut through the 3D model so you can take a look inside. 


How to Create a 3D View from a 2D View in Revit

Your Revit model may be really large or complex, or maybe you just want to see how your stairwell works in 3 dimensions. Here I'll show you how to align your 3D model to a plan, section, or elevation in Revit so you can explore a specific section of your model.


How to Link Excel Files into AutoCAD and Revit

There may be times when you’ll get excel schedules from engineers, for example, and instead of recreating those tables in either AutoCAD or Revit, I’m going to show you how to link the excel files into these programs. The reason I prefer this method of linking for external documents that may change in the future, is that you only have to make that change once in the original excel file, rather than changing information in a bunch of different places. See step-by-step instructions with pictures here.


Window Management in Revit

Learn how to take advantage of working with window tiles and cascaded windows, and also learn how to switch seamlessly through all of your open windows in Revit.


Override Dimensions in Revit

Learn how to override dimensions in Revit. Keep in mind this should only be used as a LAST RESORT or in instances where it might not matter!! Also, learn about creating new dimensional styles/types for different tolerances/rounding.

Sketchup Tutorials


3 Ways to Copy Objects in Sketchup

In this video I'll show you 3 different ways to copy and object in sketchup! If you're looking to learn sketchup or if you're preparing to build your own tiny house on wheels, consider signing up for my class on Building a Tiny House in Sketchup!


Freelancing Tutorials


Free Time Tracking and Invoicing for Freelancers and Creatives

Here I'll show you the method I used early on in freelancing to manage my project hours and invoicing clients. Learn step by step how to create your own free time tracking template with easy to use formulas or download my template here and see my blog post here.