Recommended Architecture Books

Ever wonder what types of books you'll be reading in architecture school? Some books will be less exciting like code or structures resource books (yuck) but others are truly inspiring! Look below to see the books I recommend having.

Books I recommend:

Steel Construction Manual* by Helmut C. Schulitz, Werner Sobek, and Karl J. Habermann



The Architect's Studio Companion* by Edward Allen and Joseph Iano



Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis: Opportunistic Architecture* by Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis



Why Buildings Fall Down: How Structures Fail* by Matthys Levy and Mario Salvadori



Architecture: Form, Space, & Order* by Francis D. K. Ching



Building Construction Illustrated* by Francis D. K. Ching



Building Codes Illustrated* by Francis D. K. Ching



Architectural Graphics* by Francis D. K. Ching



The Architecture of Happiness* by Alain de Botton



Form and Forces: Designing Efficient, Expressive Structures* by Edward Allen, Wactaw Zalewski, and Boston Structures Group



Structures* by Daniel L. Schodek and Martin Bechtold