Paring Down for Tiny Living

As you may or not know, I'm in the process of designing a tiny house on wheels that I'll be building for myself! I have a bunch of design iterations (which I will eventually be sharing with you) and am now refining one of my designs.

To make things even more real, I am paring down all of my belongings so that I can live more simply in my tiny house, clutter free! Watch to see the transformation and see the amount of things I hoarded in a tiny bedroom!


I Got a New Job!

Always know your worth.

Always stay true to your values and never stop fighting for what you know you truly deserve.

My first job out of college was less than satisfying, in fact, it was misleading, at times degrading, and made me extremely unhappy. I will never succumb to the security of a paycheck if I am at a job that makes me so miserable.

I knew that I deserved better so I went out and found it. I found and landed the most amazing job I could have dreamed of and I'm SO excited to start! Two weeks couldn't feel farther away right now, I'm so ready to start a better life with such an amazing architecture firm!


Studio Vlog 8 // Part 2

Currently, I am in the midst of the research part of thesis project. I finally have the concrete idea for the type of building I'm doing - a center for music and dance which will be located in a city near my hometown! Now I'm in the process building up my argument for the need for my building in the city and picking the actual site. Come along with me while I bring you through my process of narrowing down site options and update you on my to do's for the week!


Studio Vlog 8 // Part 1

I was able to live out a childhood dream where I was able to build a Lego model for my studio project! My studio project is based around sustainability and is constructed entirely out of wood. Here I bring you into my Sketchup model so you can see the massing of my building and see the logic behind some of the decisions I made. I also show you into the more technical drawings in AutoCAD, figuring out my panelized wall systems for the modular units.


Studio Vlog 7

Since I'm taking a timber studio, we took a field trip to different wood manufacturing factories to see exactly how the wood that we build with is cut, glued, transported, and everything in between! This was one of my favorite field trips yet, come along with me for the ride!


Studio Vlog 6

Ever wonder what a day in the life of an architecture student looks like? Look no further! Here I went around for a day filming everything from organizing a critique list for studio desk crits with some friends, to driving around town, to showing some of the projects I've been working on! Hope you like it!


Studio Vlog 5

This is by far one of my most exciting vlogs yet! Here I show you how to make a laser cutting file using AutoCAD for making topography for site models, show the building of the site model, and exhibit an actual design charrette between students! A design charrette is where designers will work to develop a solution to solve a design problem and present their projects to critics who will then give them feedback on their designs. I was really excited to be able to film all of this for you guys, this is definitely one you don't want to miss!

Studio Vlog 3

Hear about my first review of the semester in my 5th year and about my thesis project! I uncovered so many interesting and revolutionary programs while doing research for my thesis, I'm so glad I recorded my experiences in the moment so you and I can look back to this in the future!