What's a Lead Holder?

When I was first starting out in architecture I knew close to nothing about what supplies I needed, how to use them, or where to get them. I want to save you the trouble and stress of not knowing these things. This is the first video of a new series called "What's This Thing?" where I will introduce different architecture studio supplies, and terminology and explain what they are and how to use them. In this video we look at a lead holder and lead refills.


Here are the lead holders I use: Kohinoor* and Prismacolor Turquoise*

Here are the lead refills that I use: Prismacolor Turquoise

The Best Computer for Architecture

The Best Computer for Architecture

Updated 01/01/2019

What is the best computer for architecture students? 

I have been getting A TON of questions about this! Typically, I advise people to review school requirements and do a little bit of research - I still stand by that philosophy for the most part. While I do think it's important to understand what your school requires you to have in terms of computer specifications, here I suggest a different path. Watch to find out!


Also see my computer specifications here to build your own custom computer!


Studio Vlog 8 // Part 1

I was able to live out a childhood dream where I was able to build a Lego model for my studio project! My studio project is based around sustainability and is constructed entirely out of wood. Here I bring you into my Sketchup model so you can see the massing of my building and see the logic behind some of the decisions I made. I also show you into the more technical drawings in AutoCAD, figuring out my panelized wall systems for the modular units.


How to Apply for Jobs and Internships in Architecture

For most people, the reason you study architecture is so you can earn your degree and pursue a career in the field. There is A TON of competition out there with school's architecture programs growing every year. Help yourself stand out from the crowd and get that job! 

There are 4 essential, physical things you will need to apply for jobs and internships in architecture.

1. Cover letter
2. Resume
3. Portfolio
4. Teaser portfolio (bonus)

Find out what they are and how to use them to your advantage!


Where to Buy Architecture Materials and Supplies

When I was starting out in architecture I was clueless about where to buy supplies for school. Furthermore, I like to shop around when I'm buying things so I can explore my options, comparing price and quality. Here I give you 6 suggestions for doing architecture on a budget!


6 Tips for Staying Focused in Studio

The architecture design studio is a magical place with tons of people and it holds with it an energy that's hard to explain. The studio is a great space to get inspiration; however, it can be a terrible place to actually get work done! There are so many noises and people around and just about every distraction you can imagine. That being said, there are actions you can take to get yourself in the "getting work done" mindset - here are 6 tips I use daily to get myself focused in studio!


1. Noise cancelling headphones
2. Organize your desk
3. Turn off phone wifi +/ data
4. Take a break
5. Stay hydrated + well-fed
6. Make prioritized to do list(s)

Studio Vlog 7

Since I'm taking a timber studio, we took a field trip to different wood manufacturing factories to see exactly how the wood that we build with is cut, glued, transported, and everything in between! This was one of my favorite field trips yet, come along with me for the ride!


Studio Vlog 6

Ever wonder what a day in the life of an architecture student looks like? Look no further! Here I went around for a day filming everything from organizing a critique list for studio desk crits with some friends, to driving around town, to showing some of the projects I've been working on! Hope you like it!


Why I Started My Architecture Channel

Why did I start this channel?

Honestly, I felt like there was a lack of accessible information about studying (and even practicing) architecture when I started architecture school, and I still don't feel like there are enough resources for prospective students. I make these videos in the hopes of providing some guidance for prospective students and to connect those already involved in the industry. Watch below to see more about why I started my YouTube channel!

Sustainable Strategies - Louvers and Sun Shading Part 4

One of the most expensive building costs is the mechanical system used for heating and cooling the building. This applies to the cost of the system itself along with the cost of running and maintaining it. One way to lessen these costs is by using smart design and incorporating low tech louver systems to help regulate the amount of heat gain in the summer and take advantage of the sun in the winter. Here, in part 4 of the series you'll learn about different ways to achieve these results.


Sustainable Strategies - Louvers + Sun Shading Part 3

In Part 3 of the sustainable strategies - louvers and sun shading series, we talk about the 3 main types of louvers/sun shading devices. Here I also talk about many reasons why you would want to control the lighting in your building that you may not have considered. We look at existing examples of buildings that use these louver solutions to control the light in their buildings using low tech, well-thought-out design!


Sustainable Strategies - Louvers and Sun Shading Part 2

In this video we dig a little deeper into the sun diagram, identifying different effects that lighting can have on your building based on its orientation to the sun. Here we talk about the types of shading you should use based on the direction the sun is coming from.


Sustainable Strategies - Louvers + Sun Shading Part 1

Sun shading is a crucial aspect of architecture and design. This is the first video of a 4 part series teaching about the techniques for providing shading for your building!

As architects, we have a responsibility to design sustainable buildings. We need to design based on a building's location, orientation, climate, etc. Looking back to traditional, vernacular architecture, is one of the best ways to see low tech ways to accommodate for different conditions.

In this video we look at sun diagrams and talk about building orientation and sun direction. Watch to learn about shading your buildings!


25 Architects You Should Know and Why

If you're curious about what architects you should be looking to for inspiration, here are some classic examples of some of the most notable architects. There's a few people on this list you might not expect! Down below I have a list of the architects but make sure to watch to find out why I chose everyone on the list.

Studio Vlog 5

This is by far one of my most exciting vlogs yet! Here I show you how to make a laser cutting file using AutoCAD for making topography for site models, show the building of the site model, and exhibit an actual design charrette between students! A design charrette is where designers will work to develop a solution to solve a design problem and present their projects to critics who will then give them feedback on their designs. I was really excited to be able to film all of this for you guys, this is definitely one you don't want to miss!

What It's Like to Study Architecture

I was asked to explain what it's like to study architecture.

Truly everyone's experience is unique to them; however, there are specific trends that are consistent across most architecture programs. While we can't disregard the hardships that come with pursuing an architectural degree - be that the criticism, long hours, lack of sleep, etc. - there are many positive attributes as well! Check out the video below for my perspective on studying architecture.

First Year of Architecture School

If you're interested in studying architecture, I bet you're curious about what it's like freshman year. No one truly knows what to expect but here I explain to you my personal experience. I wish I had spoken (or listened) to someone who had studied architecture prior to my freshman year. I was honestly clueless and would have benefited from knowing more about the program.

Gender Roles in Architecture

I enjoy discussing controversial topics, and this video is no exception! As a woman in an industry dominated by men, I wanted to shed some light on some of the complications that can occur in the workplace. Watch below for my perspective on the roles of both men and women in the architecture and design industry.